In the Company of Demons

Armondo, who slowly is becoming my favorite customer, informed me that his lectures at UIC, for a short period, are about demonology. It’s real- well at least the study of it is. After further discussion, he let me know he had multiple publications of his own research regarding demonology. Whether  its real or not really didn’t matter to me- finishing a book? How respectable is that. On top of being knowledgeable in religious studies, he writes-well. Give me a priest, who diddles unsuspecting boys, that can do that. I’m only a bit through the beginning, but it’s already grabbed my attention. His thought provoking comparisons of these “devils” (or “spirits” as he puts) to a more relatable object (such as the clouds, air, etc) stuck in my head. Yes, I am now a firm believer of demonology and its demonological demons. Well..

Armondo talks about how these spirits are all around us- in objects, within the air, and in the sky. He talks about how these spirits are here to warn us about incoming danger and usually in a manner where it grabs your attention. They’re realistic in their actions, unlike their opposers, the “holy” angels. These spirits feed off our desires and supposedly they love us and choose their ‘person’ for very specific reasons. This shit is cool beans, but enough of that.

I’m sitting here now at the espresso bar at work, partially because I don’t want to travel back through the rain and mostly because I have no electricity until further notice. Being broke really (forces you to) puts things into perspective. Things like food, electricity, and hygiene become secondary. Keeping yourself happy and as alive as possible- those are the important things. I don’t need electricity to strum a guitar or sleep (which really are the two happiest activities I enjoy. Maybe sandwiches too). Travelin’ back to Detroit really was a nice pause in this hectic time. Plans discussed and dreamin’ reinforced.



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