Charles Lee was an undergraduate student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a concentration in sound, film/video, and visual communications. He dropped out in 2010 to study his concentration in a more nontraditional atmosphere. Charles resides in Chicago, IL where he works on his art independently in the comfort of his apartment. His medium ranging from original hip hop music (The Nun) to all instrumental soundtrack pieces (Jericho Knuckles), from film shorts to extended documentaries. Charles lives day to day and has no expectations for what happens.

Charles’ music started from when he was  wee boy. He got his drumset when he was in fifth grade and it’s been history since then. He was in various bands through his teenage years- playing in an all weezer-cover band to The Arrival of Revan. He spent years trying to find his sound. While he is still working on finding out, Charles has numerous projects that are still flourishing. Mainly, Charles does his own take on various covers of different artist throughout generations. His original music resides with his project, The Nun. The Nun is his alter ego, the hip hop rapper. The Nun (project) began March 9, 2011 and has produced, written, and independently distributed his (her) works of sound through last.fm and soundcloud. His (her) EP, nunya by’ness, has yet to be released and the date will TBA. Charles’ instrumental soundtrack project, The Jericho Knuckles Project, is still up and coming as well. Jericho Knuckles is also an alternative personality of Charles Lee. Included with this EP will be film shorts for each of the songs. Jericho Knuckles was created in January of 2011. The EP, Occasional Adventures of Jericho Knuckles, is still in the process of being perfected.

Charles has numerous video projects he has completed and shown. When he first started video work, Charles’ main concentration was interview documentaries. His first completed project, “Follow Your Heart”, included four different people (Shane Ford, Jerry Ward, Chris Ams, and Alli Murphy) who, in their own way, were following what exactly they wanted to do. Charles compiled up the videos and adding a stop motion introduction and ending. Also, Charles has worked on some no-direction shorts, such as “2 more dead” and “kitchen Story” while being in Chicago. His focus for these shorts is mainly to extenuate the music. Currently, Charles is working on a new video project “Red Line Sessions” where he will be playing for the people who take public transportation throughout Chicago. His location will not be told and all of it will be filmed. TBA. All of his videos can be found on his Vimeo page.

The ends justify the means.


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