live footage

Now Presenting: Chicago (2010-11)

This is an ongoing video project of mine that started a few months back. Alongside with my traveling over the next few years, I will be documenting and hosting a night to bring together local people I’ve met with a talent in music. It should include all types of genres, people, and experiences. Music brings people together:

Louise Cleveland & Myself – Volcano (Damien Rice Cover)

Louise Cleveland & Myself – Home (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Cover)

Sarah Elabdi & Colleen Mares – Do It Like A Dude (Jessie J Cover) (Clip)

A Sarah Elabdi Original

Keenen Wilson – If I Ever Fall In Love Again (Shai Cover)


Beach: April 11, 2011

On one of the first nice days of 2011 in Chicago, I rode my bike to Beach 12 near the planetarium and filmed some on the spot instrumental music. To my surprise, many people stopped and asked me about what I was doing and was able to stir up good conversation about music with various individuals.

Sun of a Beach






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